Live Music Photography


Gratis for FAM Members


1-2 Days

About the Course

Workshop #1 - Friday 19/11 18:00 - 22:00 (with break)
Workshop #2 - Sunday 21/11 18:00 - 22:00 (with break)

Location: Plan B, Malmö
Language: English
Equipment: Any camera, can be professional or a mobile camera.


Each workshop consists of:

Introduction: what makes a good live photo?
Gianluca talks about his philosophy behind taking a good live picture and gives some examples from the last few years. He provides some theory about framing, light and other technical aspects, but also discusses how you find those magic moments during a live gig that makes a really good photo!

Practice: Live shooting!
The participants will get straight in at the deep end and take live photos during the evening's concert at Plan B, Malmö (more info to come).
This workshop is done in cooperation with Studiefrämjandet Malmö. Studiefrämjandet bands and FAM members are given priority, please join the FAM here:

Your Instructor

Gianluca La Bruna

Gianluca La Bruna