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Discovering Your Vision 21 Nov - 04 Dec 2022


2450 kr


2 weeks

About the Course

From the very first day, you will be provided feedback about your work and the foundations to produce a photo sequence. From pre-production to writing, from photographing to editing, you will be guided on a journey to develop your unique vision and your personal way to interpret photographic art. A large part of the course will be focused on editing your work intuitively to take your photography to the next level.

Course schedule and intent

The course consists of 18 hours - 2 weeks

Addressed both to serious amateurs and professionals, this course not only involves constant photographing and editing exercises but throughout lessons and assignments will also touch on a variety of topics: the process of photographing with the intent of a project; how to relate with the surrounding environment and different cultures; how to edit photographs naturally and with consistency; the relationship between images and how a sequence of photos works; the practical choices and implications of working in color or black and white; the importance of printing your photos; the metamorphosis of a long-term project into books and exhibitions.

Each participant will also be given the chance to have individual meetings with Gianluca, during which they will be able to discuss anything they like, including a deeper insight and review of a working-progress project.

Your Instructor

Gianluca La Bruna

Gianluca La Bruna
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