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Discovering Your Vision


1950 kr


5 weeks

About the Course

From the very first day, you will be given feedback about your work and the foundations to produce a photo sequence. From pre-production to writing, from photographing to editing, you will be guided on a journey to develop your unique vision and your personal way to interpret photographic art. A large part of the course will be focused on editing your work intuitively to take your photography to the next level.


The course consists of 20 hours - 5 weeks

The first day will open with Gianluca investigating each participant's photography background, to better focus on everyone’s needs. The following lessons will alternate with guests, Giuseppe Sannino, a photographer who specialized in antique techniques and the history of photography, Michele Lapini, a photojournalist and winner of the Environmental Photography of the Year 2021. Moreover, the course will include lectures, photo circles in which the participants will peer-review their and others' work, portfolio reviews, and assignments to understand the development of a photo project at best.

Every lesson will start with a review of the previous assignment, and throughout the course, the participants will set out to build a coherent sequence of images that slowly will represent their own photographic project statement.

Addressed both to serious amateurs and professionals, this course not only involves constant photographing and editing exercises but throughout lessons and assignments will also touch on a variety of topics: the process of photographing with the intent of a project; how to relate with the surrounding environment and different cultures; how to edit photographs naturally and with consistency; the relationship between images and how a sequence of photos works; the practical choices and implications of working in color or black and white; the importance of printing your photos; the metamorphosis of a long-term project into books and exhibitions.

Each participant will also be given the chance to have individual meetings with Gianluca, during which they will be able to discuss anything they like, including a deeper insight and review of a working-progress project.

The course will end with a vernissage displaying all the participant works at Gianluca’s studio for a week.


On the first day, I would like all participants to bring at least 30 small prints (10x15cm - NOT digital files), representing the work that best represents who they are as human beings and photographers. I am interested in discussing and understanding each participant's unique vision. So, please bring what triggers you the most, the work that represents your passions. Already from the first review, you can see how working with printed material has considerable benefits. Mind that we will not need fine art prints; on the contrary, machine prints, cheap inkjet prints, etc. will work more than fine.

Since the course will take over a month, working both in analog and digital will be possible. During the duration of the course, in accordance with the tutor, you will be given access to facilities like a photographic studio, printing station/film scanner, and darkroom (previous basic knowledge of the darkroom and technical processes used are requested). For those working in digital, your own laptop is recommended.

Last but not least, please bring countless questions to the course. The ultimate direction of this course will be influenced by the kinds of questions and baggage you will bring with you.


Tuition is 1950kr per participant (min. 5, max. 10 participants), and it will cover: guest teachers, printing, paper, ink, chemicals from the analog process, facilities rent. Most of the lessons will take place at Gianluca’s studio in Monbijougatn 17H in Malmö.
After receiving the confirmation, you will be asked to email 10jpgs (72dpi; 2000 pixels on the longest side) that represent who you are as a photographer (a link to one-two series on your website works as well). Moreover, include a brief description of why you would like to take part in this course and what you would be interested in photographing (no more than 150 words in a Word doc). Furthermore, please include a short bio (no more than 100 words in Word doc) that includes thoughts about your relationship to photography.


Gianluca was born in Livorno in 1985. He only discovered photography in his early 20s, while helping a friend paint the wall of a dark room: the developing process struck him. From there, between an internship as a festival photographer, a workshop in documentary photography, and his job as a social worker, he manages to develop a photo project with the University of Florence which results in a publication. In 2014, after quitting his job, together with his family, Gianluca moved to Sweden where he dedicates 100% to photography. The years from 2015 to 2019 saw him working on a project which became his first photo book in 2020, Plan B, also a nominee for the Swedish Publishing Prize 2021.


- PLAN B photo book, ed. Kira Förlag 2020
- Dentro i quartieri di edilizia residenziale pubblica. - Una ricerca etnografica per studiare la qualità dell’abitare. Ed. Guerrini e Associati, 2016
- Swedish and international magazines and newspaper
- The Summer Will Be Hot (ongoing project), Cozmo Gallery, Lund, December 11, 2021 - March 03, 2022
- Cozmo Gallery, Lund, December 11, 2021 -March 03, 2022
PLAN B, photo book presentation and exhibition, - GARAGET library, Malmö, Plan B Book release, November 04, 2021
- MERCE MARCIA - PLAN B - Mostra fotografica, Merce Marcia, Livorno, Italy, July 16-31 2021
- Introduce Yourself, Kliger Gallery, Lund SWE, April 2 - May 31, 2021
- Dokumentärfotosalong 2020, Arbetets Museum in Norrköping, May 10, 2020 - January 10, 2021
- Trieste Photo Days, October 17 - November 08, 2020
- Malmö Gallerivecka 2020, Mörkrum Format, September 26-27, 2020
- Finissage for Andy Warhol 1968!, Moderna Museet in Malmö, PLAN B, August 08 - September 05, 2019

Your Instructor

Gianluca La Bruna

Gianluca La Bruna
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